AICP Announces Roster for 2021 Awards Committee

AICP has announced the lineup for the 2021 AICP Awards Committee, the far-reaching group of industry veterans and experts tasked with promoting and marketing the 2021 AICP Awards, which comprises the AICP Show, the AICP Post Awards and the AICP Next Awards. Entries for the 2021 AICP Awards are being accepted through April 30, 2021. Full rules and eligibility information is available on the AICP Awards portal, which can be found here.

Ali Brown of PRETTYBIRD, Chair of the AICP Show, and Chris Franklin of Big Sky Edit, Chair of the Post Awards

In addition to releasing the Awards Committee roster, Ali Brown of PRETTYBIRD, Chair of the AICP Show, and Chris Franklin of Big Sky Edit, Chair of the Post Awards, revealed insight into some of the new categories that have been introduced, such as the Against All Odds category, which will be presented across all three AICP Awards competitions, and the new category in the Post Awards for work compiled and crafted from Existing Footage.

Both Brown and Franklin are excited about the Awards Committee’s reach, as well as its mandate for promoting and marketing the show. As all AICP competitions are open to entries from outside the US, the committee has taken on a global look for 2021, with representation from such countries as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, the U.K. and Uruguay.

Chairs for AICP Show and AICP Post Awards discuss new categories and underscore value of entering as Awards Committee takes on a global look.

Submitting entries in 2021 will send an important statement to the industry about how production and post rose to the occasion under challenging circumstances, the Show Chairs added. “It’s about the indomitable spirit, isn’t it?’ Brown said. “Every show has to have value, and when I think about the AICP Show, I realize this is work that, for thirty years now, lives on in The Museum of Modern Art. So it’s important to not have a blank where this year should be, to show that we may shake, but we don’t fall. Our industry still produced phenomenal work, and this is the year to celebrate the endurance it took to do so.”

“I think everyone wants to let people know that they showed up, they did the work, and that’s what’s been most remarkable about this past year,” said Franklin. “The post industry was the quickest to pivot when the pandemic hit, and for many companies, they were able to keep things going seamlessly. And there were some good things to come out of this; we were able to collaborate with directors in a new way, and lines of communication opened up that were never there before. Lots of great work came out of this, and it’s important that it be recognized.”

As the Post Awards celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, Franklin said the show’s evolution from its origins as primarily a competition for editors mirrors the evolution of the post production industry itself. “It acknowledges what the scope of post production is, and that there are very clear and equal crafts,” he noted. “Editing, color, sound and graphics and VFX, they’re to me all essential. This anniversary lets us reaffirm that we’re all pivotal parts of the process.”

The introduction of the new Against All Odds honor, which will be presented across all the awards contests, is an acknowledgement of what it took to get work produced under pandemic conditions, noted Brown. “For a show celebrating craft, to be able to show what people went through to have their work be seen, that perseverance and creativity, that’s truly amazing,” she said. “While what you see on the screen may appear effortless, what went into it goes beyond traditional efforts – it’s redefining what craft is.”

And here is the full committee roster…

The full committee membership for 2021 includes Tor Adams, The Quarry; Dee Allen, Company 3; Tara Averill, RepresentationCo; Karim Bartoletti, Indiana Production; Marlene Bartos, Yessian; Marta Bobic, CANADA; Erika Bokamper, Safeword Creative; Philip Bolus, goodgate productions; Loren Bradley, FINCH COMPANY; Roe Bressan, Navigating; Candice Chubb, the assembly rooms; Michelle Curran, Amber Music; Mateus de Paula Santos, Lobo; Jérôme Denis, La\Pac; Tom Duff, Optimus; Carol Dunn, Human; Michael Duttenhöfer, TPF; Jim Evans, Untitled, Inc.; Kristin Evans, Untitled, Inc.; Becca Falborn, Lime Studios; Matt Fone, Riff Raff Film; Jordana Freydberg, London Alley; Cindy Gabriel, Giant Films; Sophie Gold, Eleanor; Alison Gordon, Outsider Editorial; Suzanne Hargrove, PRETTYBIRD; Karla Henwood, Squeak E. Clean Studios; Jonathan Jakubowicz, Ziegler Jakubowicz; Elizabeth Krajewski, Cutters Studios; Toni Lepari, WAX; Jonathan Logan, The Department of Sales; Greg Lotus, VMLY&R; Martina Lülsdorf, STINK; Gordon MacKinnon, 24/7; Dez Macleod Veilleux, Framestore; Ashley McKim, Company 3; Mara Milićević, EMERALD PICTURES; Molly Mitchell, Houseboat; Timo Mitsuaki Otsuki, Connection; Steven Monkarsh, In House Reps; Cally Morton, Anonymous Content; Millie Munro, Bueno; Jessie Nagel, Hype; Ramon Nuñez, Baby Lion Media; Diane Patrone, The Family; Halle Petro, Sonic Union; Gloria Pitagorsky, Heard City; Mia Powell, PRETTYBIRD; Philipp Ramhofer, BWGTBLD; Dexter Randazzo, The Department Of Sales; Jill Reehl, GET REEHL GET DAVIS; Charlie Roberson, Rogue Films; John Robertson, RepresentationCo; Diego Robino, Oriental Films; Irma Rodriguez, In House Reps; Avelino Rodriguez, The Lift; Sue Rosen, Wry Wit; Rowley Samuel, Samuel Guthrey; Sorcha Shepherd, Caviar; Elexis Stearn, MPC; Dee Tagert, Sage Ideas; Kerli Teo, Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo; Brittney Walker; Harland Weiss, OPC; Edie Weiss, Radke; James Wells, Human; Joni Williamson, Whitehouse; and Link York, Soft Citizen.

To be eligible for the 2021 AICP Awards, work must have first been released between February 10, 2020 through April 25, 2021. The deadline for submitting entries is April 30, 2021. For full entry details, visit the AICP Awards portal at https://aicpawards.awardcore.com/

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