11 Dollar Bill Puts the Icing on a New Campaign for RaceTrac and R/GA

11 Dollar Bill teamed with R/GA and Swedish production company Hobby Film on a new campaign for RaceTrac featuring the “coolest” icon in professional sports. The funny online, social and broadcast spots introduce Freeze Blast, a new drink from the convenience store, named after its speedy character, The Freeze. 11 Dollar Bill provided editorial, visual effects and color grading.

One spot challenges consumers to “Out Freeze The Freeze” by drinking a Freeze Blast in “the most creative way possible.” The drink’s namesake is shown in his trademark blue body suit in a winter lodge filled with comically icy memorabilia. As he consumes a drink in a single gulp, fans are encouraged to top him and share their approach on social media. “We’ve turned drinking a Freeze Blast into a form of self-expression,” explains R/GA Austin Creative Director Mona Hasan.

Let’s see this self-expression in action right here in the first spot for Freeze Blast:

The campaign was directed by Hobby Film’s Magnus Renfors and shot in Sweden in conformity with Covid social distancing protocols. The creative teams from R/GA and 11 Dollar Bill attended the shoot remotely. “Technology made it seamless and super easy,” recalls Hasan. “We could see what we needed to see and communicate simultaneously with the director and the team from 11 Dollar Bill.”

Editorial and post were also conducted remotely with 11 Dollar Bill CCO and Co-Founder Christian Robins exchanging media from his studio in Boulder with R/GA in Austin. VFX work was split between Robins and Dave Mehrman of 11 Dollar Bill’s Chicago studio. Visual effects work included set extensions, background enhancements, reflections and rig removal. Clark Jackson performed color correction via 11 Dollar Bill, Chicago.

A second spot is set in the same wood-paneled room and shows The Freeze rising out of a hole in ice that spreads wall-to-wall. The package also includes brief TikTok videos with The Freeze sharing offbeat  Freeze Blast recipes. “They are meant to look like consumer-generated content and so have a raw quality,” notes Robins. “They were fun to edit.”

Let’s take a second blast of this Freeze here:

“11 Dollar Bill was the perfect partner for this project,” notes Hasan. “They are detailed-oriented and able to produce a lot of content quickly, while adding an extra layer of creativity. They made a funny concept even funnier.”


CLIENT: RaceTrac

AGENCY:  R/GA, Austin

PRODUCTION: Hobby Film, Stockholm. Magnus Renfors, Director.

EDITORIAL/POST: 11 Dollar Bill. Christian Robins, Creative Director/Editor/VFX/Sound Design; Clark Jackson, Colorist; Dave Mehrman, VFX.

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