11 Dollar Bill Helps Propel Carhartt into the New Frontier in Latest Collab with Piggyback Productions

Last updated: November 16, 2021

11 Dollar Bill provided final post and deliverables for a series of spots promoting the toughness and versatility of Carhartt’s new technology for their Force and Super Dux line of products. Conceived by Denver’s Piggyback Productions, the spot juxtaposes the Super Dux Jacket with dramatic images of molten rock, liquified metal, microfibers and other objects. The spot is part of Carhartt’s new Fit for the Next Frontier campaign, connecting the brand with “the future of hard work, and the hotter, colder, windier elements hardworking people will face.” 

“The spots use new product CGI and metaphorical visuals to help showcase the technical advancements of the Super Dux and Force line of products that distinguish them from other lifestyle brands,” says Piggyback co-founder John Angelopoulos. “Carhartt makes high quality gear that hardworking people can depend on in their demanding jobs.” 

Let’s take a look…

The spots were produced by Piggyback in collaboration with Hovercraft Studios. Hovercraft created original CGI of the new Super Dux jacket, Force T, molten rock, liquid metal and other objects and handled graphics design and creative editorial. Brewhouse Music provided custom sound design and music.

Final post was completed by 11 Dollar Bill. The studio produced some 170 different versions of the spot to accommodate different products, applications, media, time-lengths and formats. “We produced vertical, horizontal and wide-screen versions, in lengths from 5- to 30-seconds,” notes Christian Robins, the studio’s chief creative officer. “It required redesigning the composition and framing while retaining the integrity of the concept.”

Piggyback creative director Leigh Masters notes that 11 Dollar Bill brought a creative eye to the project while undertaking the technical heavy-lifting the project required. “In the world of social advertising, it’s essential to have a collaborator like Chris who can create the myriad of versions that are required while maintaining the heart of the original piece,” she says.

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