11 Dollar Bill Brings Dazzling Display to NYC

11 Dollar Bill is working with JD Sports to let New Yorkers know there’s a new brand in town. The post-production and design studio, with locations in Chicago and Boulder, Colorado, has been collaborating with the high-end athletic specialty retailer on an array of attention-grabbing video content for its flagship U.S. outlet in Times Square in New York City. 

The content centers on JD Sports’ trendy athletic footwear and clothing and is displayed on large-scale digital windows on the store’s exterior and a 30-foot-high display atop its entrance. Stunning video material can also be seen inside the store across more than 100 LED screens, interactive kiosks and other devices, all controllable from a central location. New content is added continuously, as store merchandise changes. 11 Dollar Bill is kept busy designing and executing diverse material under the established brand theme. The studio provides motion graphics, animation, editorial, color grading and finishing services for the ongoing project. It also assists in coordinating live action production and music licensing.

JD Sports’ cutting edge video display system transforms the shopping experience and sets a new standard for athletic specialty retailers. “Everything centers on fashion and much of the content is seasonal,” says 11 Dollar Bill Managing Partner and Executive Producer Lisa Effress. “With spring approaching, we’re working on eye-catching updates to support exciting, new products.”

Closing in on the Concept

Conceptually, the content builds on JD Sports’ global brand with additional aspirational and international  layers. “It has an elevated style, like visuals you find in fashion magazines,” observes Christian Robins, also a partner and the studio’s chief creative officer. “It’s intelligent and passionate.”

11 Dollar Bill spent months working with in-house creatives from JD Sports’ UK headquarters and JD Sports US in advance of the opening of the 32,000 square foot Times Square outlet last fall. “We collaborated with the store’s creative teams to create the look,” recalls Robins. “We also produced anchor elements and templates. It’s a turnkey solution that the store can use to generate new material quickly as new seasonal merchandise arrives or to support product launches. With the basic elements in place, we’ve become more efficient and more creative with the look.”

11 Dollar Bill has been working with JD Sports US on in-store digital content for nearly four years. Its first project was a video promoting athletic shoes that featured the popular hip hop trio Migos. “We’ve developed a great rapport with the creative team,” Robins says. “They come to us with boards or concepts and articulate their needs. Over time, we have developed a deep understanding of their brands and what they are trying to accomplish, and we are very quickly able to translate their ideas into visual representations and design elements.”

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