Cramer Krasselt's Niki Condon Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

Cramer Krasselt's Niki Condon Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

Christopher Guest, somersaulting tigers, and the best bar on Earth! Cramer Krasselt Associate Creative Director Niki Condon answers Five Questions with SCREEN...

SCREEN: What has been your favorite "stay-at-home" activity over the past few weeks?

NIKI: I've been painting postcards and mailing them to friends and family. Yesterday I sent my brother an acrylic piece with tigers doing somersaults in the clouds, an image from a board game he taught me.

SCREEN: Most famous person you've ever met?

NIKI: I once worked with Christopher Guest on a commercial series. My overflowing bucket of enthusiasm was met with an equal amount of unflinchingly dry wit and stoic staring. His staunch guardianship of the improvisational comedy method taught me that key executional details can be the difference between "memorable" and "mediocre."

I also recall a PRINCESS BRIDE reunion photo session happening during our shoot. I did not get an invite, though i was not too proud to beg.

SCREEN: If you could appoint ANYONE to be President of the United States, who would it be?

NIKI: Back in 2016, I had a strict "no celebrities" policy. But my bar has since dropped. So let's say "Jon Stewart." He's informed, kind, authoritative, employs a healthy degree of skepticism and doesn't have a Twitter account. Plus I'm pretty sure he's just sitting around rural New Jersey rescuing horses.

SCREEN: What's that TV show you're a little embarrassed to admit you love to watch?

NIKI: The Nickelodeon cartoon AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. Well realized characters that deftly navigate issues of racism, hopelessness, tribal conflict, and strained familial relationships. My embarrassment stems from the typical follow-up asking how old my kids are, then having to admit that I have none.

SCREEN: What's your favorite restaurant on Earth?

NIKI: If I can change this to "bar," I would say this hole in the wall called Freeney's in Galway, Ireland. It's a place or warmth and character, a whiskey museum that time forgot to visit. I was three words into my tasting criteria when the curmudgeonly bartender cut me off, muttered "Yellow Spot," and dropped the dram off with a nod. Not much of a talker.

The glass he poured was authentically Irish, silky and complex with notes of vanilla and fruit. The best part is, you could have it delivered. With the right Zoom background, we can all visit tonight.


SCREEN: Favorite gadget?

NIKI: I'm heavily considering getting one of the many devices that aims to bring farming home. The notion of growing your own food feels like it's about to explode. My favorite of the bunch is a glowing tabletop ferris wheel for herbs. I think it's on Kickstarter, so look for it in 2028.

SCREEN: What's inspiring you today?

NIKI: My neighbor gave me a tiny chili from her garden, and the gloomy weather compelled to invent some sort of stir fry. I went a little overboard and added the whole thing. Now I can smell colors.