Bold Underwear Campaign from Chicago-Madison-LA Collaboration

Bold Underwear Campaign from Chicago-Madison-LA Collaboration

In trying times like these, we need laughter more than ever. Enter The Duluth Trading Center for Underwear Advancement. This fictional facility is on a mission to make hindquarter history, and is the centerpiece of the hilarious new campaign from Chicago/LA creative team FND Films and Madison, Wisconsin based agency Planet Propaganda. This series of social media spots features men from all walks of life who show off Duluth’s latest line of Men’s underwear. Take a look:

As you can see, The Duluth Trading Center for Underwear Advancement consists of an eclectic group of underwear scientists who run irreverent tests on their subjects in an attempt to create the greatest Men’s underwear this planet has ever slipped into. As for those irreverent tests...

"It’s all about sophomoric sophistication," producer and co-founder of FND Films Cooper Johnson told SCREEN. "I think most people will get a kick out of their fellow man being punished and tested for the good of their midsection comfort. I’m not saying this is America’s Funniest Home videos, but when other peoples hindquarters are in jeopardy there’s something primally funny in that."

FND Films was founded in Chicago by the talented trio of Cooper Johnson, Vincent DeGaetano, and Aaron Fronk. The team now splits time between Chicago and Los Angeles, where this Duluth Trading campaign was shot. FND was tapped by Madison, Wisconsin agency Planet Propaganda, and the trio was reunited with Planet Propaganda Executive Producer Katie Roach, whom FND had worked with during her days as a Producer at FCB Chicago.

Given the extremely serious nature of this campaign, bringing on a group of comedic filmmakers was exactly what the campaign needed. "It was important for the performances, both on cam and VO, to remain deadpan," FND's Cooper Johnson told SCREEN. "Really, just the concept of a bunch of guys performing dangerous underwear tests was meant to shine through as the Hero." Speaking of dangerous underwear tests...

"Anytime we get the opportunity to collaborate on a campaign driven by potty humor puns, we’re on board," Johnson joked to Screen. "All in all, we just had a blast working with some really great people on some really terrific content."

Several additional spots from the Duluth Trading campaign will be rolled out on social media in the coming months.

Duluth Trading Campaign Credits:

Agency: Planet Propaganda

Production Company: FND Films

Director: Aaron Fronk, FND Films

Creative Producers: Cooper Johnson and Vinny DeGaetano, FND Films

Director of Photography: Taylor Russ

Production Design: Matt Steinbeck

Edited by FND Films and Planet Propaganda