Quarantine Playlist, Chicago Fire Edition!

Quarantine Playlist, Chicago Fire Edition!

With production wrapped on the current season of NBC hit CHICAGO FIRE and everyone snuggled up at home for the next few days or so, it's the perfect time for a one-of-a-kind CHICAGO FIRE Quarantine Playlist! Your favorite stars from the Dick Wolf series, peppered throughout some outstanding shorts, webseries, and feature films!

First Up... TANYA

Dawson's debut! Monica Raymund aka FIRE fave Dawson makes her directorial debut in this powerful short film, with her FIRE castmates Eamonn Walker ("Boden"), Joe Minoso ("Cruz"), and Christian Stolte ("Mouch") in front of the camera, and #OneChicago cinematographer Tari Segal joining Monica behind the camera:


Written and directed by CHICAGO FIRE director and EP Joe Chappelle, cast includes David Eigenberg ("Herrmann" on FIRE), Jeff Hephner ("Clarke" in Season 2), plus other #OneChicago faves. And the production team includes CHICAGO FIRE Costume Designer Susan Kaufmann! Here's the trailer, where you can rent the feature!


Directed by and starring Aemilia Scott, who appeared in the very first season on CHICAGO FIRE, with a a cast that includes Jack Bronis, who appeared in this week's brand new episode of FIRE, and series regular Christian Stolte ("Mouch). Enjoy!


CHICAGO FIRE star Taylor Kinney highlights this superb cast of this dramatic thriller feature, as does Mouzam Makkar, who appeared in the very first season of CHICAGO FIRE as "Anna" in Episode 105 and 107:


Enjoy this funny series of three-minute webisodes from CHICAGO FIRE's "Mouch," Christian Stolte, and master improviser David Pasquesi, who guested on several FIRE episodes as "Erik McAuley"... binge away!


CHICAGO FIRE stars Yuri Sardarov ("Zvonecek"), Joe Minoso ("Cruz"), Randy Flagler ("Cruz"), and David Eigenberg ("Herrmann") guest on this episode of Chicago-made comedic webseries BOYBAND:

Hope you enjoyed this CHICAGO FIRE Quarantine Playlist! If you're ready for another round of award-winning shorts and movies...

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