Are You Ready to Quarantango?

Are You Ready to Quarantango?

Did you Quarantango these past months? Texas-based charlieuniformtango did. Three of their directors - Jeremy Bartel, Lan Freedman and Justin Wilson - interview team members as they share their Quarantango experiences in a series of funny, poignant, engaging, and very human dialogues featuring: VP/Co-Owner Jack Waldrip, Head of Sales Fran Montoya, Austin Executive Producer Keith Munley, and more...

Director Jeremy Bartel talks to VP/Co-Owner/Senior Editor Jack Waldrip about his multiple encounters with Joe Exotic, running around a movie theater as a child due to his excitement during a Bond film, and one of his favorite books, Sapiens...

Quarantango Episode 7 - Jack Waldrip from charlieuniformtango on Vimeo.

Head of Sales Fran Montoya shares her Quarantango experiences in this series of funny, poignant, engaging, and very human dialogues...

Quarantango - Episode 1: Fran Montoya from charlieuniformtango on Vimeo.

In this lighthearted episode director Jeremy Bartel interviews Tango Austin Executive Producer Keith Munley. Keith considers a new hobby, Jeremy gives Keith a cinematic trivia quiz for a virtual movie theater and Keith presents some vintage humor from a 1960's joke book.

Quarantango - Episode 2. Keith Munley. from charlieuniformtango on Vimeo.

Director Lan Freedman talks to producer Marless Cutbirth about her move to Austin, playing tennis by herself and margarita expectations.

Quarantango Episode 6 - Marlee Cutbirth from charlieuniformtango on Vimeo.

Director Ben Hoffman interviews Stephanie Fisher from the Integer Group...

Quarantango Episode 5 - Stephanie Fisher from charlieuniformtango on Vimeo.

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