Burrell, Utopic Head to the Parks

Burrell, Utopic Head to the Parks

Now more than ever, we are finding our way to the outdoors, away from the masses, away from the mask mandates, away from the cacophony of social media. What better time than now to appreciate the work of the National Park Foundation, and to remind everyone to "Find Your Park." That was exactly the goal of the latest collaboration between Chicago's Burrell Communications and media production house Utopic. Take a look:

National Parks "Comfort" from Utopic on Vimeo.

"Now is the time to be outside! I hope this will inspire viewers to get out there and explore nature at our National Parks," editor Jill DiBiase told SCREEN. "They are all around us, I've already been to two since the parks reopened!"

Utopic Producer Lauren Gray added, "The National Parks are a haven to so many, a breath of fresh air in our busy lives. And especially now in these uncertain times - although we've slowed down a bit, most of us can't be there to enjoy them - it's a comfort to know they continue to thrive, thanks to the dedicated park rangers and national park employees that care for them."

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Editor : Jill DiBiase

Audio : Brian Leitner

Color : Scott Ackerlund

Assistant Editor : Victoria Aquende

Production: Pigeon Roost

Producer: Lauren Gray

Director: Ryan Lough

Agency: Burrell Communications