Erica Duffy Answers Five Questions

Erica Duffy Answers Five Questions

Erica Duffy is known throughout Chicago as the founder and owner of rental house Camera Ambassador, and has recently taken on the responsiblity of Executive Director of the Midwest Film Festival. The fest opens its season this Saturday with its Film Fair at the Chicago Cultural Center, click here for full details.

SCREEN: In the spirit of the film fair coming up, what's your favorite Midwest film ever?

ERICA: My favorite midwest film is a classic, FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF! I was probably only 7 or 8 when I saw it for the first time and living in New Hampshire so Matthew Broderick was the coolest city slicker I’d ever seen.

SCREEN: In the spirit of Camera Ambassador, what is your favorite movie scene ever, visually speaking?

ERICA: My favorite movie is SAMSARA by Director Ron Fricke and there are countless scenes throughout the movie that are my favorite. There is no way that I could choose just one, but for the sake of choosing one for this interview it would be the mandala scene where they are creating a masterpiece by dropping one grain of colored sand at a time, but even more stunning is when they cut back to this shot and you see the same artists who created it wiping it clean to represent impermanence. There’s a lot to learn about humanity, culture, and our earth from that movie.

SCREEN: What's your favorite restaurant in Chicago? What do we order when we go?

ERICA: My favorite restaurant in Chicago is HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen in Pilsen. It opened a few years ago by a husband and wife duo. My go-tos are the Passionfruit Margarita, Sơ Nấu Nước Dừa (mussels cooked in aromatic coconut broth), and Cơm Chiên Giòn (house fried rice, garlic, puffed rice & egg),

SCREEN: Worst decision you made in college?

ERICA: I was pretty vanilla in college so maybe that was the worst decision … to not go a little wild? My parents were pretty relaxed about rules while growing up so I didn’t have this strong urge to party and test the limits when I got to college.

SCREEN: Is there a reality TV show that you're just a little embarrassed to admit you watch on the regular?

ERICA: Kardashians, for sure! Although, I’m not really that embarrassed to admit it. I like watching it because it’s funny and I love seeing all the things they’re working on, plus now they’ve got adorable babies and Kanye! What more could you want? It’s pretty unbelievable the brand they’ve built from being reality TV stars.


SCREEN: What actor would play you in the movie of your life?

ERICA: Although this may seem cheesy, I would play exactly who I am! I love my life and get to wake up every day surrounded by the people I love while supporting artists/creators and building an empire! I’m sometimes called, “Queen E” so let’s go with that for my official name in the credits.

SCREEN: The hardest you've ever laughed?

ERICA: I don’t even know. I feel like all the times that are coming to mind are over something so stupid that doesn’t even make sense now. It’s those moments that everyone is in the room is laughing and then someone snorts or falls off their chair and then suddenly everyone is laughing harder and at some point we don’t even know what we’re laughing about anymore. I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about!

Click here for tickets for Saturday's film fair and click here to visit Erica's company Camera Ambassador.