Yessian and Cutters Tokyo Power Up for Pokemon

Yessian and Cutters Tokyo Power Up for Pokemon

Pokémon GO Fest 2020 was a two-day global phenomenon once again, and Cutters Tokyo and Yessian Detroit were at the heart of it. Yessian and Cutters teamed up to polish and post the festival promotional video for Niantic Media, Tokyo agency Hakuhodo, and Director Hisashi Eto. Take a look:

"We created a music track that would help celebrate the fun of the game and get people excited to get out and play during the festival across Japan," Yessian Detroit Partner and Chief Creative Officer told SCREEN. If you're a Pokemon aficionado, check out highlights from the megafest right here:


Brand: Niantic

Product: Pokémon GO!

Agency: Hakuhodo/Tokyo

Production: AOI Pro./Tokyo

Director: Hisashi Eto

DOP: Erwan Cloarec

Editor: Sachi Sasaki @ Cutters Studios Tokyo

Music: Yessian Music

Composer: Mike Dragovic

CCO: Brian Yessian

Head of Production: Michael Yessian