Hal Dantzler Joins charlieuniformtango as Executive Producer/Creative Content

Hal Dantzler Joins charlieuniformtango as Executive Producer/Creative Content

Lola Lott, charlieuniformtango principal/CEO, announced Hal Dantzler has joined charlietango as Executive Producer/Creative Content. “We are thrilled to have Hal join our team,” said Lola. “He brings years of creative genius to us and we can’t wait to share his talents with our clients.”

Hal Dantzler was most recently SVP, Broadcast Production with TM Advertising in Dallas. In his new role at tango as EP/Creative Content he will be Executive Producer for all video productions and will also work with sales and managing partners to identify new production opportunities.

Twenty Year Track Record, Big Brands and Super Bowls

Dantzler has a 20+ year track record of brilliant work for clients such as Nissan, Reebok, American Film Institute, Bausch + Lomb, Community Coffee, and Universal Orlando. He also has several Super Bowl spots under his belt for clients like Nationwide Insurance, American Airlines and Tabasco – many of which have garnered top honors at Cannes, One Show and the Effies.

“I’ve worked with tango for 25 years,” Hal said. “Lola and Jack were starting up the business at the same time I moved to the Dallas market to work at the DDB office here, and in fact, my first production in Dallas was charlietango’s first job. I’ve watched them grow from a one-editor-offline facility to a robust postproduction powerhouse with thriving video production capabilities. I know, respect, and genuinely like everyone who I’ve worked with at charlietango. It’s a special group of people, each one dedicated to their craft. They inspire me, and I hope to return the favor.

"Tapping into my agency-side experience"

“I’m looking forward to working closely with the current team of directors to help hone their skill sets and fine-tune their creative voices,” Hal continued. “I know what advertisers and agencies are looking for because I’ve been there. Tapping into my decades of agency-side experience will allow me to bring a hard-earned POV to each production.”

Hal holds a Bachelor of Media Arts – Film/Video and photographic Arts from University of South Carolina. When Hal’s not working in the ad biz, he can be found exploring his interest of architecture and mid-century design, cooking and rescuing pooches. In fact, Hal is currently the proud dad to three rescued pups, Maggie, Coco, and Topo Chico.

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