Director Magellan Rubin Joins Seed

Director Magellan Rubin Joins Seed

Writer-Director Magellan Rubin has joined the Seed Media Arts’ roster. Magellan has a passion for telling emotionally charged stories that are both visually distinctive and powerfully delivered. He began as a cinematographer but yearned to tell the stories himself. With some good fortune and keen instincts, he began to selectively choose work that he was passionate about: heartfelt storytelling, within the genres of natural lifestyle, sports and music content.

23-year-old Magellan has already helmed commercials for leading brands like Mercedes-Benz and Nike while also pursuing music videos for major artists like G-Eazy. His interest in, and use of, experimental techniques, conquers any limits to storytelling in both real and imaginative worlds.

“Magellan blends his narrative sense with an impeccable eye for visual detail. Throughout all his work, there is a consistent thread of beautiful film, powerful performances and a message of sincerity that drew me in. At this early age, he is already a significant powerhouse and is soon to be a industry superstar name,” predicts Roy Skillicorn, Seed’s owner.

“Roy has keen instincts, ” says Seed’s Executive Producer Kris Mathur; “He knows talent at first glance, and after meeting Magellan, I couldn’t agree more.” Kris and Roy have worked together for decades and continue as a team at Seed and at Backyard Productions, the company Roy founded. Seed is currently a sister company to Backyard. Both entities share important resources that enable them to excel in the current marketplace.

“Skillicorn’s track record for nurturing young directors like me is storied,” claims Magellan. As a representative in the 80s, Roy planted the flag for several major directors and production entities, most notably, PIXAR and HKM by securing them their very first assignments and helping them to develop for years. He continued that approach when he started his own production company with young talents at Backyard, and then yet again with Seed. "I trust that I’ll grow within the fertile soil here as Roy and Kris understand my work well and know the path to the top better than anyone," adds Magellan.