Unicorn Trap

Unicorn Trap

Chicago-based animation studio Calabash continues it’s long-standing relationship with General Mills’ famed iconic characters, including Lucky the Leprechaun in the latest ad “Unicorn Trap,” which ties into a new cereal box featuring a cut-out game where kids can construct their “own” leprechaun trap using Lucky Charms cereal as bait.

Leprechaun traps using Lucky Charms cereal as bait is actually something that came to the attention of General Mills via social media videos.

“The first thing we really had to do was to make sketches of the kids in the spot with unicorn heads on, and the likely way that they would fit into the windows of that unicorn stable trap, and how Lucky was going to interact with them,” says Wayne Brejcha, creative director, Calabash, the production studio behind the recent spots featuring Lucky and our Magical Unicorns.

“We very carefully plan our storyboards and our layouts and then we don’t deviate – or at least try not to deviate – too far from that through the production,” adds Sean Henry, executive producer, Calabash. “It’s just vitally important that we plan the camera angles exactly and know how these things will fit together.”

Jessica TeBrake, Assistant Marketing Communications Manager for Lucky Charms told Taste of General Mills blog, “As we looked at what our fans were doing around the St. Patrick’s Day holiday on social media, we saw that families were making leprechaun traps and they were using Lucky Charms cereal and marshmallows as leprechaun bait.”

Watch a behind-the-scenes video here.