With TIM, John Grammatico, Cutters, Yessian, The Mill Capture Feeling Invisible

With TIM, John Grammatico, Cutters, Yessian, The Mill Capture Feeling Invisible

Everyone remembers their time in school, whether elementary, middle or high school differently but many will be able to remember being made to feel invisible at one time or another.

In this new 3-minute short film, called TIM, written & directed by John Grammatico and produced by Shinebox with support from John’s trusted partners at The Mill, Cutters and Yessian Music, Grammatico delves into the complexities of that time and the feelings it evokes.

"As a father, it's an interesting thing to step into your child's school environment," Grammatico said. "I guess I forgot what a complex world that can be. It's hard not to notice how some kids make choices to stand out while others just try to disappear."

For more than a decade, John has helmed spots for brands like AT&T, M&Ms and McDonald’s. He's worked with celebrities like Meghan Markle and Anna Faris and his breast cancer PSA, Your Man Reminder won a Webby Award and first place at TED's Ideas Worth Spreading, garnering almost 8 million hits on YouTube.

"With TIM, I wanted characters from each end of that spectrum to confront each other," Grammatico said. "To make a connection. But I wanted to do it in a way that shows empathy for both. TIM is a story for anyone who’s ever felt invisible. No matter our status in school or life, we've all felt that way at some point.”

Grammatico tapped Cutters Editor Grant Gustafson to edit the short which Managing Director Craig Duncan called "amazing."

"We were all just blown away by it," Duncan said. "We love working with John Grammatico and we were really happy he chose Grant to be involved with this project. As a parent myself, I can say it really tugs at your heart to watch the piece."

Yessian handled sound design on the piece.

“John came to us with an amazing music arrangement of 'Mr. Sandman' by the artist SYML," said Brian Yessian, CCO of Yessian Music . "We all loved it here and assisted to tell the story through audio enhancements, mixing and layers of sound design."

Yessian's Senior Sound Designer Jeff Dittenber had just the right touch, Yessian said.

"Jeff was able to weave some sonic magic into this one and create a very compelling story through the audio," Yessian said. "It’s such an important message and we want to see this film spread to the people who need it most."


written & directed by John Grammatico

produced by Robert Katz

executive producers: Robert Nackman, Chelsea Larner, John Grammatico

music by SYML

cinematographer: Luca Fantini

editor: Grant Gustafson

production designer: Vincent Reynaud

sound design & audio mix by Jeff Dittenber

casting by Arlene Schuster-Goss, Justin Radley

visual effects by The Mill

production company: Shinebox

editing company: Cutters

sound design company: Yessian Music

casting company: ASG