Particle Melds into Comma

Particle Melds into Comma

Chicago-based Comma will absorb it's sister company, Particle Audio, a post-audio division. It is being folded in and will no longer exist as a separate brand, the company announced today.

“With all the projects Comma and Particle collaborate on, we came to the conclusion that it no longer made sense to continue maintaining 2 brands," says Comma’s Creative Director/Co-Founder Larry Pecorella. "After 12 great years, it’s the right time to retire the name Particle and continue to do post audio in the same space but through the Comma label. Many incredible people in the industry have worked for or gotten their start at Particle and it’s something we are immensely proud of.“

Chicago based Comma Music also announced Midwest representation by The Standard Society today. Managing director Bonny Dolan is excited about the collaboration.

“I’m so looking forward to working with Katy and Heather," Dolan said. "They are smart, fun, experienced, and we are all on the same page... can not wait to see what the future brings as we team up together."

In addition to the award winning original music, Comma has also become known for it's catalog.

“A modern music company needs to be able to provide a musical solution to any project that comes it’s way, big or small," Pecorella says. "Comma is uniquely positioned to do that and The Standard Society has the same philosophy."