RPM Pilots New Blockchain Tech for Digital Advertising

RPM Pilots New Blockchain Tech for Digital Advertising

The luxurious Hampton’s estate featured in the Showtime hit Billions set the stage for this year’s exclusive Or Not Experience Conference on May 18 with the 2018 theme of “Block or Not”. Chicago’s RPM Advertising was one of only two ad agencies invited to participate in the conference that included representatives from nearly 100 of the top global brands. The conference explored blockchain technology as it relates to various industries. RPM was there to discuss a new partnership with Ternio that would utilize Ternio’s new Lexicon blockchain technology which is poised to disrupt the digital advertising industry.

Ternio is a blockchain company that has developed the fastest running blockchain in the world, capable of handling over 1 million transactions per second. The introduction of this cutting-edge blockchain technology is set to change the way brands transact with publishers, work with advertisers, and verify users.

“RPM is proud to be the first in the industry to pilot this new and exciting digital advertising platform with two brands – Terlato Wines International and Majestic Star Casino - beginning July 1, 2018, according to RPM CEO Stephen Platcow”.

David Brinkman, account director at RPM, announced the launch of the partnership with Ternio at the conference, held on May 18 on Michael Loeb’s 7 ½ acre Southampton Estate. The 17,000 square foot home was recently featured in the popular Showtime TV series Billions, starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. As a guest panelist, Brinkman spoke to several hundred conference attendees about the value of the blockchain framework as a cost effective and different way of doing business. The day-long conference was filmed by CNBC for an upcoming segment on The B Suite.

According to Brinkman, “We’re looking to achieve greater efficiencies in digital advertising for our clients. In the past, after accounting for costs to recover fraud, a $100,000 digital marketing budget could be reduced t-o $60,000 as the real figure remaining for marketing. By using Ternio’s system, the $40,000 that was formerly wasted can now be utilized for other totally innovative marketing ideas such as brand activation or direct-to-consumer initiatives. I always ask my clients, ‘What would you do if you had 40% of your marketing budget handed back to you?’ The possibilities are endless!”

RPM Advertising is the first agency to run a blockchain-enabled programmatic advertising campaign for its clients. This pioneering framework will solve problems that continue to plague digital advertisers, providing visibility in all transactions, thus avoiding a lack of transparency, lengthy payment models, and advertising fraud through inventory verification. The results will improve what is currently a very murky ad-buying and verification process. This new technology will eliminate fake click bots that create false impressions and get rid of URL masking which misrepresents sites where ads are being shown.

“We don’t want to dictate how and where advertisers buy media, but rather bring transparency to the process,” says Ian Kane, Co-Founder of Ternio. Ternio will verify the user, instantly pay the publisher, and protect the advertiser from common forms of fraud, ultimately helping both brands and publishers regain trust in the marketplace.”