The Colonie Celebrates Photography of Graham Chapman

The Colonie Celebrates Photography of Graham Chapman

The Colonie hosted a happy hour last night to celebrate their new gallery display of Graham Chapman’s photography.

Chapman has been photographing street scenes, mostly in Chicago, for quite some time, before even entering the world of editing. His instagram page @gh_chapman has nearly 45,000 followers, such that the local tourism board for Mexico sent him last year to practice his art in San Miguel de Allende, Mérida and Guanajuato City and will headed to Los Cabos this year.

The display at the Colonie features a wide range of subject matter from moody architectural shots that Chicago lends itself to, to more human-focused interactions on the streets of the city.

“We’re so used to interacting with our phones so seeing my photographs printed out in this large format for the display is really great experience,” Chapman said. “It really changes the way that you perceive the image and allows me to look at my own work with fresh eyes.”

Chapman has been with The Colonie since 2013 and works alongside editor Bob Ackerman.

“Not only is Graham a great and talented photographer as you can see from his work on our walls but he’s a talented editor,” Ackerman said. “Our clients have really enjoyed working with him and they’re asking for him more and more often. I know he has a bright future.”

Chapman’s photography will be on display at the Colonie for the next several months. Photos from the happy hour are on our Facebook page here.