Cutters' Teams With Distillery Project for Meijer

Cutters' Teams With Distillery Project for Meijer

In another great holiday effort, Cutters Studios recently completely worked on a spot for Meijer that reunites a dog and their family while celebrating the magic of Christmas.

The spot drew on the expertise of Cutters' Editor Chris Claeys, Flavor's Chris Elliot and Another Country's David Gerbosi.

"While the spot is classic storytelling, there many VFX effects and split screens involved that are not apparent when viewing," Claeys said. "Shooting & editing with animals interacting with humans, and autos for that matter, frequently involves plate layers that need to be selected and stitched together in the edit; the dog layer, the human layer, the vehicle layer and so forth. It’s always a fun & challenging task... and gratifying to see how seamless it looks when completed."

lily from Cutters Studios on Vimeo.

"The challenges we faced in the spot dealt with the dog’s handler. We had to remove her from several shots," Elliot said. "The production company was great about consulting us early in the project and shooting the requested plates. We were very fortunate to get such a wonderful dog who followed direction and lit up the screen. Who doesn’t love our star Lily?"

The strangest thing for Elliot was, as is often the case, a holiday spot in the off-season.

"It’s always strange to be in the middle of summer and working on a Christmas spot," Elliot said. "I saw the :90 during the Bears game this past weekend and was really proud how it looked. I always enjoy working with our friends from Distillery Project. They have great ideas and so much fun to collaborate with. Of course the best part is seeing the gang from Distillery Project after it airs in December and saying 'Did you see it during the Bears game'. Now it feels like Christmas."

Claeys favorite moment in the spot was a moment with the star, Lily.

"I particularly like when Lily (the dog) is chasing the car and she gets so far from home that she finds herself stranded in the middle of an intersection far from home," he said. "In the wide shot we see here little, lost figure in the middle of the street as she sits down and wonders where she is."

And working with the agency at the Distillery project was a great as usual, he says.

"I’ve worked with John Condon, Per Jacobson and Nik Traxler from The Distillery Project for several years," Claeys said. "They are an absolute pleasure to work with on all levels. These holiday spots for Meijer, shot by Jamie Rafn, are an annual treat for me to to edit and I thank the agency for their trust in me."


Agency: The Distillery Project

Director: Jamie Rafn of Smuggler

Editor: Chris Claeys

Asst Editor: Jackie Cohen

Audio Mix: David Gerbosi

Color and VFX: Christopher Elliott of Flavor

Design: Colby Capes