Yessian Crafts Spots For The Holidays

Yessian Crafts Spots For The Holidays

Yessian Music recently wrapped up work on two European spots that promote grocery stores and the holiday season in two compelling and yet completely different efforts.

The spots, for Migros and Kaufland, have a similar theme but different feels.

"These are two very different campaigns with different messages even though they are both for grocery stores," said Brian Yessian. "Migros is a very cinematic piece with a story of a little infrared sensor that is on a quest to find his parents who are at another grocery store across town. It’s a perilous journey that reunites the family in the end. This was our emotional story that became an instant success across Switzerland this holiday season. It’s just so warm and fuzzy."

Kaufland, while no less warm, goes for a more light-hearted approach. Watch that spot here.

"Kaufland is a completely opposite approach," Yessian said. "This was meant to be a fun and comedic approach with all the holiday laughter and cheer you would expect from jolly old St. Nick. Another success because it brought fun and cheer to the audience with a light hearted twist at the end."

Kaufland's spot was driven by the music and required a deft hand.

"We needed to really capture all the moments throughout the story," Yessian said. "There are some funny little scenes in there, so we wanted to make sure we could capture as many of them as possible without overwhelming the audience. In the end, we came up with a really nice balance or comedy and Christmas. For Migros, we actually approached this with various style approaches before we landed on the last one. The challenge was connecting with little Finn and telling his story in a way that would connect with people emotionally."

Watch the Migros spot here.

"We feel like we were able to create music for two very different stories here and were able to showcase our work in completely different ways," Yessian continued. "One emotional and one comedic. In the end we are proud to have worked on two very high profile Christmas campaigns in both Germany and Switzerland creating the perfect music scores for both!"


MIGROS “Finn’s Parents"

Client: Migros

Agency: WIRZ/Zürich

Production Company: stories AG / Zürich

Directors: Dorian & Daniel

Animation Company: Passion Pictures

Music: Yessian Music

Kaufland Christmas 2018 “The Official Supplier of Santa Claus"

Brand/Agency: Kaufland

Production Company: TONY PETERSEN FILM

Directors: Los Perez / Adrian Perez

Post Production: Slaughterhouse

Music: Yessian Music

Composer: Dan Zank

Sound Design/Mix: Max Fritz / Robin Großkopff

EP: Ingmar Rehberg

Producer: Lukas Lee