Maria Carretero Joins Framestore Color Team in Chicago

Maria Carretero Joins Framestore Color Team in Chicago

Maria Carretero has joined the global Colour team at Framestore, the company announced this week. Maria is currently based in Chicago, where she will work across a broad remit of clients, bringing with her extensive experience as a colourist and her own distinctive artistic flair. She joins Colourist Edwin Metternich, who, having recently moved to the US from Framestore in London, is fast making his mark on the office’s advertising portfolio.

"Framestore is one of the best companies worldwide, with an immensely talented group of people who care seriously about the quality of the work," Carretero said. "A company with a deep sense of inclusion, that has this amazing group of colourists... Why Framestore? Because there couldn't be a more incredible opportunity."

Maria came to colour through fine art - predominantly painting - producing work under NF Galeria in Madrid for several years. Quick to incorporate digital tools and practices in her work, and spotting huge opportunity to combine the two crafts, Maria began her career as a colourist at Deluxe in Spain. Her work has since taken her around the globe, grading commercial work for titans of the brand world, alongside a long list of both feature and short films.

Maria’s artistic roots are evident in her every grade; working with clients to find the most fitting colour palettes and looks, she works to apply creativity to brand stories, coming to solutions through a mix of art and technique. Recent stand-out work includes Jeep ‘Recalculating’, for director Tobias Granström and DDB Chicago; Disney ‘You Can Fly’ and ‘Bella Notte’, also with Granström for McGarryBowen; and a string of Porsche campaigns with agency Cramer-Krasselt.

"Maria’s artistry complements the unique aesthetics of both Beau Leon (LA) and Edwin Metternich (CHI), thus perfectly rounding out Framestore’s Colour offering in the US. She is a true craftswoman, whose passion for painting, art and photography is reflected across every frame of her work," says Krystina Wilson, Managing Director, Chicago. "Maria joins Framestore with a loyal base of directors, cinematographers, editors and agency creatives – especially here in Chicago – who admire her talent and seek her partnership to elevate their visuals to the next level. While – like Beau and Edwin – she will be serving across all offices, having two première colourists physically based in Chicago is an absolute dream. I can’t wait to see how her energy adds to our already vibrant Chicago space.’

"I hope to be a part of this marvellous team and bring together all of this experience, hard work, vision, love for well-done things, clients and energy, to make marvellous colour pieces," said Carretero. "Colour means a lot to me - it’s my artistic expression these days. Having the opportunity to develop this in such incredible company is a gift!