RYAN: Creativity Will Save Advertising. Again.

RYAN: Creativity Will Save Advertising. Again.

I know, I know--it's too late; advertising is dead. Digital/social/experiential/big data killed it... Except that constant, dire drumbeat looks increasingly like clickbait; it sounds juicy, it creates alarm, but it's mostly just opinion.

If you want facts, follow the money. In the most recent case, digital entertainment powerhouse Netflix bid $300m to buy Regency Outdoor Advertising.

That's right, the disruptive, disintermediating, digital content giant wants to buy a billboard company.

Their motivation is fascinating. Netflix noticed that big outdoor imagery stokes social sharing. People posted lots of shots of their "Netflix is a joke" campaign to Instagram which promoted their comedy line-up.

In other words, people share great creative.

These days, $300m might not sound like an earth-shattering number, but it represents the largest acquisition in Netflix history. Imagine; a leading digital giant offering to pay one third of a billion dollars on a oft-declared dying medium...a smart company wouldn't do that unless they knew it worked.

And that's a fact.

Dennis Ryan is an agency creative and occasional correspondent for SCREEN with a career that has gone from copywriter to CEO, serving as Chief Creative Officer at both Minneapolis-based OLSON and Element 79 in Chicago, today Ryan is a creative consultant working via TheNextThinc.