Rep Jim DeLoye Exhibits Photography This Weekend

Rep Jim DeLoye Exhibits Photography This Weekend

Chicago rep Jim DeLoye is sending summer out with a bang this weekend when his personal side project, a portfolio of his original abstract fine art photography under the moniker LightWerks, is exhibited at the Edgewater Arts Festival Saturday September 23rd and Sunday September 24th at the corner of Broadway and Granville.

It’s a juried show and this will be Jim’s second appearance with the LightWerks booth at the show featuring his “Illusionary Forces” collection.

The “Illusionary Forces” collection is unique in that it’s all experimental time exposure work shot at night using existing light sources that inspire the playful operation of camera parameters and crazy lens movements.

"In shooting one scene there are no two pictures that look alike," Deloye says, "Each time exposure is its own work of painting with light, where the light, lens and camera are the brush and the existing scene is the canvas. That’s the best way to explain what you’re seeing."

"The work isn’t for everybody and I know that, but many people appreciate what’s unique about the images and they see something different in the work that appeals to them and inspires them.”

These images were captured in New York City, Austin, Milwaukee, New Orleans, San Juan/Condado Puerto Rico, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver and Minneapolis.

More on Deloye’s “Illusionary Forces” collection here: