The fast and fun new LGBTQ comedy feature FREELANCERS ANONYMOUS is currently shooting in Chicago, and they have lured a Chicago native back home to join the cast of this unique production. Chicago's Alexandra Billings of the Golden Globe winning series TRANSPARENT has joined award-winning Spanish filmmaker Sonia Sebastian (DE CHICA EN CHICA/Amazon) and Chicago producers/co-writers Lisa Cordileone and Amy Dellagiarino (all three pictured left).

A lesbian COMEDY OF ERRORS, written, directed, and starring an ensemble of women, FREELANCERS ANONYMOUS is part of a brand with a narrative story that will crossover and integrate on multiple platforms for a truly unique and engaging experience. "What makes us unique is that we are integrating a story across multiple platforms, from media in film to usable technology, in a way that not only gives visibility to the LGBTQ community, but also invites audiences who would usually be more hesitant to see the world through the lens of a woman who just happens to be gay," co-writer Cordileone told SCREEN.

The Return of Alexandra Billings

This film is also notable in that it marks the return of acclaimed transgender actor Alexandra Billings back to Chicago. Billings was a mainstay of the Chicago theatre scene, anchoring award-winning productions at Steppenwolf, About Face Theatre, the Organic, Northlight and Bailiwick. After heading out west in 2004, Ms. Billings landed on episodes of GREY'S ANATOMY and ROMY AND MICHELLE: THE BEGINNING before getting her break in the role of "Davina" on the Golden Globe winning series TRANSPARENT. Billings is joined by actors Mouzam Makkar (NBC series CHAMPIONS), Natasha Negovanlis (CARMILLA), Jennifer Bartels (AMERICAN WOMAN) and Megan Cavanagh (A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN).

In FREELANCERS ANONYMOUS, Billie #hatesherjob and is desperate for a change, so she quits mere months before getting married. When she breaks the news to her fiancee Gayle, things don’t go exactly as planned. Billie meets a ragtag group of women who are also looking for employment, and is struck with the idea of cultivating their skills to create an app for freelancers.

Behind the Camera

The triumvirate of Dellagiarino, Sebastian and Cordileone have assembled a top-notch production team, which includes Director of Photography Alvaro Martin Blanco, 1st Assistant Director Timothy Farrell, and Production Manager RoseMary Prodonovich. FREELANCERS ANONYMOUS is also being produced by Full Spectrum Features in association with Black Apple Media, who recently teamed up to produce Signature Move, which was released in March of this year.

For co-writer Dellagiarino, "what's exciting to me about this film is that not only is it a big, silly comedy, but it's one made up almost entirely of women, mainly focusing on women in tech. I don't think a lot of people are doing that type of thing right now, and I think it's something everyone is ready for."

FREELANCERS ANONYMOUS continues shooting through October 5th throughout Chicago, primarily in the Andersonville and Ravenswood neighborhoods.

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