Call Sheet: New Features from Haroula Rose, Sklar, Ziede

Call Sheet: New Features from Haroula Rose, Sklar, Ziede

It's been a good summer for Haroula Rose and the writer-director looks to continue that trend into the fall with her debut feature coming around the corner. Rose is set to film ONCE UPON A RIVER this fall, primarily in Antioch, IL. This Midwestern gothic set in 1978 centers on a coming of age story about a part Native American young woman on a journey to find her mother after her father is killed. As her search progresses, she comes in contact with many wonders and dangers on the river along the way. Rose is joined by Chicago producer JJ Ingram (UNEXPECTED), producer Heather Rae (FROZEN RIVER, TALLULAH), and David Macias of Nashville-based Thirty Tigers. ONCE UPON A RIVER is currently casting, with Paskal Rudnicke Casting heading up that effort. More on this film in the fall...

NOW IS THE TOM OF YOUR LIFE: October 1st marks the first day of shooting for TOM OF YOUR LIFE, directed by Jeremy Sklar, written by James Sharpe. When a nurse living life on the edge of sobriety at a small town hospital discovers a baby named Tom born with a mysterious condition, one where he ages four years every hour, she decides to break him (and her) free from his "lab rat" existence and go on a road trip to the city to give him the total life experience... in a day. This unique ride will film in Wisconsin and Chicago, and is currently wrapping up casting. More on this feature next month...

BLACK LANDS ON NETWORK: Started as a Chicago-based 100% crowd-funded web series that stars real life military veterans, BLACK is now been turned into a film that tells the story of a covert military team that is formed after a direct attack against the CIA on American soil. And it is now enjoying a national release that starts at the All Warrior Network (AWN). Additionally, Emmy winner Jay Williams' company Legion of Creatives is now a part of BLACK, with an eye toward taking the BLACK story world to the next level. "It is been a hell of a long road but we truly feel like it's finally all coming together," says director and creator Frank Ziede. "Our partnership with Legion is also a huge step forward, not only for BLACK but also with the other projects we want to do. We're ready to start kicking ass and we think we have team to do it now."

Click here to watch this team kick all sorts of ass in the full season of BLACK on AWN, The All Warrior Network.

NEVER STOP HUSTLING: Filming on the dramatic drag-racing movie MIDWEST HUSTLER should wrap by the end of October. Director Zaine Bray, actor Renee Domenz and the rest of the team will be tearing through the entire state of Illinois, stopping in Carlock, Bloomington, Mechanicsburg, and Springfield, before making a stop at the Chain of Rocks bridge in St Louis. In this feature, a seasoned hustler is forced to teach a young racer how to survive and win Midwestern drag races, reigniting a dangerous rivalry that threatens his chance at redemption with the only woman he’s ever loved. The script has received some accolades along the way, named Semifinalist in Reel Authors 2016, Finalist "Best Feature Screenplay" River Bend Film Festival 2017, and nominated for "Best Unproduced Screenplay" at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London 2017. Click here to follow this film's track on Facebook.

ONCE MORE THROUGH THE MAZE! Cleveland filmmakers John Charles Meyer and Bill Watterson are back in Chicago with DAVE MADE A MAZE for one night only, Wednesday September 20th at 8 pm at Arclight Cinema, 1500 N Clybourn. Click here for to enjoy this critically acclaimed and entertaining feature.

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