Three New Series from the Hilarious to the High-Stakes Political

Three New Series from the Hilarious to the High-Stakes Political

Here are three new web series just released, ranging from the hilarious to the high-stakes political. Take a break from procrastinating and check out these web series lighting up social media channels this week.

BETTER OFF DEAD: BETTER OFF DEAD, created by Chicago comics Sean Jaskiewicz and Sean Taylor set out to make gruesome death hilarious. Inspired by THE WALKING DEAD, Sean and Sean created their parody with the “same stakes, same drama, just in a comedic tone.”

“Getting our first series to this scale was important,” said Jaskiewicz. Eight years and thousands of dollars later, Better Off Dead has finally been released for your viewing pleasure. Who should watch the series? Said Jaskiewicz, “...immature adults.”

Feast on the entire first season here:

CHAPSTICK: CHAPSTICK (pictured above) follows two best friends and their daily struggles of being artists, being women, liking women and finding their place in the world. Created by Charlotte Kennett and Kearney Fagan, these two kick ass women give no apologies in bringing an authentic and comedic voice to the LGBTQ community.

“With CHAPSTICK, every single LGBTQ character written into the show is played by an LGBTQ person.” Charlotte told SCREEN. “We are actually enforcing this idea of giving marginalized people opportunities.” The web series has gained a tremendous following across the globe, with over 100,000 views (and counting) on their series. Season two of Chapstick is currently in pre-production.

Fall in love with the first season here:

ALT-RIGHT DELETE: This web series created by Jenna Steege and directed by Isabeau Dornevil aims to educate white people on race relations and education. Jenna told SCREEN, “The last election cycle emboldened so many white supremacists that I felt called to do something about it.”

Why is this web series important to watch? Said Jenna, “racism isn’t going away, but education can help cure some of that ignorance.”

ALT-RIGHT DELETE will be releasing season one throughout the next month.

Get educated here:

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