SOUL SESSIONS Set for February

SOUL SESSIONS Set for February

Independent feature production is off and running here in the Midwest and there is a promising feature opening up shop this week. Preproduction is underway for SOUL SESSIONS with principal photography starting February 20th in and around Chicago. Veteran filmmaker Vince Gaffney (RESURRECTING MCGINNS) will be directing from his adaptation of Carson Gage’s novel of the same name, with Dana Scott heading up production.

As for what led Gaffney to the project, "Reid Brody introduced me to author Carson Gage. He was interested in getting his novel adapted," Gaffney told SCREEN. "I read the book and after discussing it with Carson, we decided it we were a good match so I got to work."

SOUL SESSIONS is the story of Investment Banker Nick Dalton’s struggle with recurring depression and the unorthodox treatment that leads to a cure. Paskal Rudnicke will be heading up casting with some additional searches on the coasts by Linda Phillips-Palo. Joe Rabig is set to edit with Tom Ciciura ready to hop behind the camera. Dana Scott and Gaffney's team also includes Katharin 'Ladie K' Mraz on production design, Carrin Tanaka as composer and David Leonard on locations.

SOUL SESSIONS will be filming in and around Chicago, including Loop, Lakefront and Lincoln Park locations. They are looking for a finished film in late 2017 and a Spring/Summer 2018 release.

"The source material is a really compelling story about fighting depression with an unorthodox treatment that opens up another level of self realization," Gaffney said in wrapping up his chat with SCREEN. "I’m eager to get the cast in space where they can explore the emotional journey of these characters."

As this film heads into production... as always, I'll keep you posted!

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