Horror Feature Filming In Chicago

Horror Feature Filming In Chicago

Forever Safe Productions and FFIILLMM LLC are collaborating on the horror feature film THE LURKER this winter, currently filming in the Chicagoland area. The film marks popular Chicago cinematographer Eric Liberacki's directorial debut. John Lerchen, writer and producer of THE LURKER, is pairing up with fellow producer Wynona Ying Li to take on this thrilling project with the supported by associate producers Nick Silva, Michael Monachos, and Jake Bloom. THE LURKER's cinematography is being directed by Chicago's Brandon Hoeg, while the production is being designed by Brynne Wassel and edited by Ward Crockett.

Currently shooting in Chicago as well as nearby suburbs Downers Grove and River Grove, this slasher film revolves around a group of teens who are too caught up in their own adolescent drama to see the danger lurking around them. Slowly, one by one they discover what has been lurking over them, but for each of them it is always too late.

Scout Taylor-Compton, known for her roles in HALLOWEEN and AN AMERICAN CRIME, stars as the lead character, Sam Nowak, a teenage girl trying to cut it as a the lead of her school play while dealing with the pressures of life. The feature also showcases some of the horror industry's most popular actors and actresses. They include Ari Lehman, who is notorious for his role as Jason in the classic FRIDAY THE 13TH, Adam Huss (DREAMS I NEVER HAD), and Domenica Cameron-Scorsese (CAPE FEAR).

Lerchen tells SCREEN that THE LURKER is expected to wrap just before Christmas, roughly a month after principal photography began. Its plans are to work the festival route before seeking distribution. After that the film is set to release on Amazon and other online distribution companies late 2018. To keep up with everything going on with THE LURKER make sure to follow their instagram @thelurkerfilm or check out their webside the-lurker.com for updates.

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