FCB's Lindsay Tyler Answers Five Questions

FCB's Lindsay Tyler Answers Five Questions

She's met Justin Timberlake and aims high with her sports achievements. Lindsay Tyler Executive Producer, Content Integration at FCB Chicago answers Five Questions with SCREEN.

SCREEN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

TYLER: I spent my formative years in the celebrity world so I have some stories, but the NICEST most famous person I’ve ever met was Justin Timberlake. He was lovely and fun.

SCREEN: Your go-to karaoke song?

TYLER: My first song of the night (it’s REPETOIRE) is What’s Going On by 4 Non Blondes. A lot of range in there. I fill in with some Sheryl Crow and Disney tunes if they have them, and end with Bohemian Rhapsody. (Duh)

SCREEN: Your greatest sports achievement?

TYLER: Ever making it to the gym at 6am. (did it today)

SCREEN: Best advice you’ve ever been given?

TYLER: Work hard and be nice.

SCREEN: If you could appoint ANYONE to be President of the United States, who would it be?

TYLER: John Stewart! Man, I miss that guy.


SCREEN: Any predictions for the 2018 Chicago Cubs?

TYLER: Nope. I’m a Detroit girl, the Cubs are just a fun game to see at the ball park.