The Mill's Mikey Pehanich Answers Five Questions

The Mill's Mikey Pehanich Answers Five Questions

In the latest installment of our popular weekly feature, Mikey Pehanich, who was promoted to colourist at the Mill Chicago earlier this summer, answers Five Questions with SCREEN.

SCREEN: Best summer vacation ever?

MIKEY: 40 miles offshore of the Outer Banks in North Carolina catching a 500-pound Blue Marlin with five of my closest friends.

SCREEN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

MIKEY: Willie Nelson in a casino bar in Reno; somewhere between 2am and 3am. He definitely doesn't remember meeting me but I hit the "jackpot" – see what I did there -- on the slot machines that night.

SCREEN: Your greatest athletic achievement?

MIKEY: I successfully dunked a basketball ONCE when I was a Senior in High School. I was just as shocked as everyone else but seriously so excited (as everyone else was). I rolled my ankle a week later whilst skateboarding and never really got back on the court but at least I ended it on a high note, right?

SCREEN: Your go-to karaoke song? Why?

MIKEY: "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers or "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac. They inevitably bring the house down.

SCREEN: What’s the best thing you ever ate?

MIKEY: Whenever I have an Au Cheval burger, it arguably gets better every time. Also tied for first would be the last time I had Barbacoa street tacos in Monterey, Mexico. Stupid good.


SCREEN: Worst decision you made in college?

MIKEY: Leaving a project on the train that lead to nearly thirty-six straight hours spent at school to make up for it...on top of having a raging sinus infection.

SCREEN: Favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

MIKEY: Not big on TV shows. But… I'm a big Celine Dion fan.