Enter the Geek Lounge

Enter the Geek Lounge

One new fresh web series currently in post-production in Chicago is Ugsley Pugsley Pictures' new lively comedy, GEEK LOUNGE, written, directed, and produced by Larry Ziegelman. The name tells it all. This world surrounds a unique group of nerdy individuals as they find themselves in goofy situations and relationships day to day.

Although Ziegelman is the credited writer for the majority of the dialogue, much of the action relies on the improv talents of his cast. This sweet, cunning, quirky show features some of the Midwest’s funniest comedic actors, including Madelyn Murphy, Daniel Ennion, Liam Gallogly, Lee Russell, Erin Gordon, Will J Green, Zoquera Milburn and David Weiner, with appearances in the last few episodes of season one by Kenneth Yoder and Conor Burke. What is interesting about Ziegelman’s technique is that he allows the story to be truly collaborative. Larry works regularly with his actors to bring the script to life before even getting to set. Rehearsals are recorded and the best of the best is written into the final drafts, giving the actors writing credits in the end. On top of that, the last three episodes adds in Madelyn Murphy, the lead actress in the series, as another writer for the series.

Adding to this unforgettable cast is an equally amazing crew which includes Joseph Fitzgerald, the Director of Photography; Aaron Gang, another Producer who also played a huge role in the casting; and Jane Morson, one of the earlier producers who plays a crucial role in the first four episodes. For post-production, Ugsley Pugsley is working with Graham Metzger and Hootenanny to piece the project together.

Wrapping its first season this past March, GEEK LOUNGE is expecting to release ten, potentially eleven, episodes depending on whether the finale ends up in two parts. Currently, the producers have a GoFundMe to help with post expenses and have a handful of screening coming up to help promote Geek Lounge, and independent filmmaking in Chicago. The first Release party for episodes 1 & 2 is at The Holiday Club, April 19th, 7pm-10pm. The cast and crew invites the public and other people in the industry to come join in the celebration! Can't make it? No worries. To keep up with Geek Lounge and see any previous episodes add their Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/GeekLoungeComedy/

Despite the fact that the production team is not looking to do a second season of Geek Lounge, Ziegelman is potentially diving into another comedy web-series tentatively called SUPER NARCOLEPTIC GIRL, written by Sarah Albritton and Catherine "Povs" Povinelli. To keep up with Larry Zeigelman, see his work, and find out what's next for Geek Lounge and Ugsey Pugsey check out his website here: larryz.com/director

Katharin "K" Mraz is a Chicago-based Producer, Screenwriter, Production Designer, Actress, Model, and the owner of three media companies based out of Chicago, Ladie K Productions, Inc., Creative Works Media, Inc., and Smart Pretty Designs, Inc. Learn more about K here at LadieK.com or email her at info@LadieK.com