Caplan Diving Into Ocean Doc

Caplan Diving Into Ocean Doc

Montrose Pictures will be teaming up with an all-star lineup of scientists and filmmakers to produce MICROCOSM, a documentary that showcases the ocean in a way it has never been seen: from the previously unexplored perspective of the Microuniverse. Montrose is teaming up with the Hawaii Association for Marine Education and Research to tell this critical story about the health of the ocean. A film crew for MICROCOSM has been invited to join the University of Alaska on a 40-day research expedition to the Arctic this summer. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help finance this trip; corporate and charitable sponsors are also being approached.

Michael Caplan, a Chicago-based producer and director of documentaries and long-form fiction and an Associate Professor in Cinema Art + Science at Columbia College Chicago, and Michele Hoffman Trotter, a Faculty Member at Columbia and Roosevelt University, have been in discussions for the last year regarding the film’s development and are excited to announce their new partnership. The expedition this summer will be to assess what lives in parts of the Arctic that was previously inaccessible due to ice cover.  The Director of Photography for the film is Annie Crawley, an internationally lauded specialist in underwater video and photographic production.

"This project provides us a chance to not just look at the ocean as a victim of climate change, but to look at potential solutions that scientists are studying that can reverse the damage," explained Caplan.

The mission statement of MICROCOSM is that in order to live a cleaner and more sustainable existence, we must redevelop our understanding of the human connection to the ocean.  This film is the first of its kind in terms of looking at the ocean from the microscopic perspective in an attempt to engage the public in thinking differently about the ocean as a system and as a resource.

Caplan and Trotter plan to complete the film in late 2017. Additional research expeditions will include trips to Nova Scotia, Hawaii, California & the Caribbean.

"I am no different than millions of people who find that the affluence of the 21st Century in the Western world has created the conditions for our own self-destruction and are seeking solutions," concluded Caplan. "By teaming with a scientist, who sees a rational approach to the problem, I can see that there are real solutions to our enormous challenges."

Support and follow this film at MICROCOSM's website and the Microcosm Facebook page.