Beyond the Spot: John Claxton

Beyond the Spot: John Claxton

In the latest installment of our popular feature John Claxton, EVP/Writer in Residence at FCB, talks about knowing that he would become a writer at the age of eight, his routine and "Clark Street Bridge", the creative workshop he developed for FCB.

Having evolved from Creative Director to Group Creative Director to Writer-In-Residence during the course of his career, John has had the opportunity to create and author global branding campaigns for American Airlines, Boeing, Diners Club International and the Dow Chemical Company. While still managing creative responsibilities for several FCB clients, John continues to do what he enjoys more than anything else, writing for advertising and writing for pleasure.

Writing is about repetition and routine but also about reading, Claxton says.

"Reading and being around people who push me to writer better," Claxton says. "There's a direct correlation between how much you read and how good your writing is, I truly believe that."

Claxton's routine is serious: seven days a week he gets up around midnight and writes for two hours, noting that between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m. the baggage of work is behind you and there's little to distract or interfere with the creative process.

Watch the full interview below.

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