The Call Sheet: Scorcese & Silverstone

The Call Sheet: Scorcese & Silverstone

SCORCESE SIGHTING? The relationship comedy LESS THAN 30 is currently filming in Chicago. The feature is written by Angela Morris, who stars as Alexa, a woman who is pressured by her Mother (played by Ann Hagemann) to find a relationship and takes a curious approach by only dating those matched at less than 30% on a matchmaking website. Columbia College Chicago alum John Lerchen is directing and is producing the film alongside Austin Turner and Hagemann. Another notable cast member is Domenica Cameron-Scorsese, daughter of Martin. So I think the LESS THAN 30 team can safely declare, "Martin Scorcese will be watching our film." Follow this production at and

SO WHO GOT THE DOG? We’ll find out later this year as the romantic comedy WHO GETS THE DOG? recently wrapped in Chicago. The movie centers on a divorcing couple who is fighting over custody of their dog. The cast was headlined by Alicia Silverstone, best known for playing high schooler Cher in 1995’s CLUELESS. WHO GETS THE DOG? is being produced by Reid Brody and Bill Ryan, who also teamed up on the Chicago-based indie comedy BAD JOHNSON, now on VOD for your viewing pleasure right here.

THINK DARK THOUGHTS: Microbudget thriller DARK THOUGHTS is slated to shoot in Cedar Falls, Iowa this June. The film marks director Carrsan Morrisey’s feature film debut after more than fifteen short films under his belt. In DARK THOUGHTS, a young woman finds herself thrown into a horrific struggle against the supernatural. Current cast includes Maddie Laing, Abigail Van Patten and Josh Ochoa. Morrisey is still accepting actor submissions for several roles, you can submit your materials here. You can follow this film at

CHICAGO TO MEXICO: Director Alaric Rocha and producer Elliott Lonsdale are heading to Mexico to film DEMONOID (1970) May 6-13. Actually, Alaric is already there, as he is currently teaching filmmaking at Tec de Monterrey in Mexico. This 70’s Mexican horror film is about a group of friends on a harmless camping trip where one of them is horrifyingly possessed by the Aztec demon, Itzpapáltol. In order to save themselves, not to mention the world, the friends must perform the new fire ceremony, an ancient Aztec ritual requiring nothing less than human sacrifice. I thoroughly enjoyed Alaric and Elliott’s short film UNA MUJER SIN PRECIO (1961), which was the big winner at DePaul’s 2014 Premiere Film Festival, so I have high expectations for this one! You can follow the project at

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