The Majority Project

There are millions of “pit bull” dog owners across the United States who live peaceful, every day lives with their family pets. Families like these are the rule, not the exception. They are your co-workers, neighbors, and friends. They are the MAJORITY.

The Animal Farm Foundation shines a spotlight on the majority of "pit bull" dog owners - everyday people – to help put an end to stereotypes and discrimination.

The national commercial, THE MAJORITY PROJECT PSA, features two distinctive stars, pit bull animal actor, Santiago and A-List Hollywood actor, Jon Bernthal.

Super Santiago is a pit bull. He works hard and plays hard to end discrimination, has been featured in Lands End catalogue, plays competitive canine disc, and performs with his family’s Pawstars show.

Jon Bernthal, is a Hollywood actor, father to his son Billy, proud owner of two Pit Bull dogs and is most know for his roles in “Walking Dead” as Shane Walsh. Jon can be seen playing opposite Brad Pitt in the feature film, “Fury”.

The commercial starts out in the family kitchen. Santiago is patiently waiting for a document to print from the family printer. Once the document is discharged, Santiago retrieves the document and runs through the house to deliver the document to his human companion. Once the document is in the hands of his companion, a snap shot is taken with Santiago. The document that reads, “ I am a Mom. I am a pit bull dog owner. I am the MAJORITY.” Jon’s voice continues under multiple (user generated) snap shots which were sent to the Majority website by hundreds of pit bull dog owners. Once Jon appears on camera, he asks the audience to join him and the thousands of other pit bull dog owners by “taking action by taking your picture”.

Being raised in the right family environment, the entire concept is designed to show the pit bull breed as intelligent, disarming and a family oriented breed. The Majority Project is is a complete and total social media experience for pit bull dogs and their companions. Once you log onto the website, you have a range of drop down menus. One of which is tools. Here you can learn how to print up the document identical to the one Jon uses in the commercial along with instructions as how to submit a picture of you with your pit bull dog or dogs.


Client: American Farm Foundation

Agency: Coyne PR

Production Company: Coyne PR

Director: Mark Schimmel

Executive Producer, Director Broadcast Services and Producer: Michelle Cohen

Creative Director: Rob Schnapp

Cinematographer: Pat Dury

Editor: Tom D’angelo

Music / Mix: Glen Navia, The Sound Distillery, NYC

Talent: Jon Bernthal

Companion talent: BJ Gianni

Animal actor: Super Santiago