CHICAGO FIRE Spinoff Back On?

CHICAGO FIRE Spinoff Back On?

If the news of EMPIRE being renewed by Fox for a second season wasn’t enough for you, NBC has announced that the CHICAGO FIRE spinoff CHICAGO MED is back in the works.

Around this time last year, there had been quite a bit of buzz around Chicago for a possible third addition to the burgeoning Dick Wolf Chicago franchise of CHICAGO FIRE and CHICAGO PD. Those plans eventually fell through (here's that article) but now it appears the possibility of CHICAGO MED is back and stronger than ever.

According to NBC head Robert Greenblatt, “CHICAGO MED is something that we’re just seeding into the system, seeing if there’s a show there that could eventually spin off into itself.”

CHICAGO FIRE executive producer Dick Wolf will implement the “embedded spinoff” approach he used with CHICAGO PD, once again introducing characters and storylines via CHICAGO FIRE and seeing how they fare with viewers.

“We’re doing another integrated episode the way we did with ‘P.D.,’ ” said Wolf, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune's Lori Rackl. “There will be an event that brings us inside CHICAGO MED but it’s not really a pilot. It’s an episode of FIRE."

“It’s a bit of an experiment to see how those characters come out,” NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke added. “He’s [Dick Wolf] had such a good run with the crossover episodes and created a world that moves around, with these shows that move around each other. I think it’s natural that he wants to create a medical component to that. He looks at, ‘Will the paramedic stories and fire butt up against that?’ I think it’s sort of an organic way to see if it feels like it can sustain its own show.”

Now in its third season, CHICAGO FIRE reels in an average of 10.4 million viewers each week, making it NBC’s No. 2 scripted series, behind only THE BLACKLIST. Will it be enough to launch yet another successful spinoff? As always, we'll keep you posted.

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