Director Hunter Adams Previews His Film DIG TWO GRAVES

First Tuesdays with The Midwest Independent Film Festival will host the highly anticipated Chicago Premiere of DIG TWO GRAVES at Landmark's Century Centre Cinema on Tuesday, March 3rd, with festivities beginning at 6 p.m. This Illinois-made thriller stars SILENCE OF THE LAMBS star Ted Levine and newcomer Samantha Isler of NBC's SEAN SAVES THE WORLD in her feature film debut alongside a superlative Chicago cast, that includes Danny Goldring (THE DARK KNIGHT, CHICAGO OVERCOAT). Director and co-writer Hunter Adams gives us a preview of the film, introducing us to this killer cast and also laying out the three golden rules not to break when making a low-budget feature... and how they wound up breaking all three. Enjoy this week's Filmmaker Focus and we'll see you at the Chicago Premiere of DIG TWO GRAVES on Tuesday, March 3rd!

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