New Work: An African Adventure for Kalahari Resorts

New Work: An African Adventure for Kalahari Resorts

Production company 71 Degrees North has taken its content for advertising agency Jacobson/Rost and client Kalahari Resorts and Conventions to the Discovery Family Channel.

Director Martin Rodahl helmed the journey, which included 23 shooting days in 6 countries covering over 24,000 miles. From the 22 terabytes of content, the team carved out not only the Discovery Family Channel episodes but also several broadcast spots and branded short films. The campaign is aptly named “One World,” and focuses on the Nelson Family, owners of Kalahari Resorts and Conventions, as they experience once-in-a lifetime African adventures such as diving with dolphins in Mozambique and rafting the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

“One of the things that makes Martin’s work so unique is his ability to tell authentic stories with high production value in tricky situations,” said 71 Degrees North’s Executive Producer, Neha Datt Schultz. “He’s an outdoorsman and will go to great lengths to capture that critical moment, even if it means joining a spontaneous dance party in the townships of Cape Town or coming face to face with a silverback gorilla.”

Kalahari - Waves Are Life (Dir. Cut) from Martin Rodahl on Vimeo.

71 Degrees North and advertising agency Jacobson/Rost expertly navigated the complex logistics of crossing the African borders with over 300 lbs. of camera gear using prop planes, ferries, buses and safari jeeps along the way. The US and South African crew, lead by Director Martin Rodahl and DP Chris Leclerc, worked through torrential downpours and blistering heat to immortalize every heart-pounding moment from the streets to the jungles of Africa.

“My family has had close ties to Africa for many years now and it sort of feels like a second home,” said Director Rodahl. “This shoot was all about discovering the essence of these countries, and then depicting that in a way that makes the content relatable to the American audience. We wanted people to connect the real deal in Africa with the guest experience at Kalahari Resorts in the States.”

The docu-style campaign shows how the Nelson Family plans to weave this journey into every area of their resorts, from the authentic sculptures, string art and furniture placed throughout each location, to the Rwandan coffee served on-site, to the jaw-dropping attractions inspired by African thrills and souvenirs hand-crafted by artisans for purchase in the gift shops.

"The One World story is the result of many years of hard work, planning, love and determination to bring it from conception to national distribution. We were fortunate to be able to accompany the Nelsons on this trip as they gathered ideas and inspiration from the best of Africa to share with guests in all of their resorts,” said Tom Gorton, Creative Director, Jacobson Rost. “One World viewers will be able to witness this evolution first-hand and discover how Kalahari Resorts provides a beyond expectations guest experience. ”

Nine five-minute documentaries were packaged together and premiered in back-to-back episodes on Discovery Family Channel’s “Call of the Wild” night on July 27 at 5pm ET / 4pm CT and re-aired on Monday, August 11 at 7pm ET / 6pm CT.