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GET YOUR THRILLS: The feature film THRILL RIDE is set to shoot this November in Chicago. An adventure film, THRILL RIDE centers around a group of kids hunting for Al Capone's treasure, which is rumored to be hidden in an amusement park. As the legend goes in the film, Capone built the amusement park before going to prison and included a secret ride leading to his treasure somewhere under the park. This feature marks the directorial debut for Chris Parrish, a screenwriter whose credits include KING OF QUEENS and AMERICAN DRAGON: JAKE LONG. Production team includes executive producer Vincent Foglia, Champaign-based producer Brett Hays, Angie Gaffney, Kevin Mcgrail and Anthony Cabral.

The idea for THRILL RIDE came from Parrish’s son, Mason. When Mason passed away at the age of ten from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG, a rare form of pediatric brain cancer, he left behind dozens of notebooks filled with imagined original characters, drawings and stories. Proceeds of the film will go toward The Mason Parrish Foundation, which will fund DIPG research, rentals of handicapped-accessible vans for families dealing with DIPG and Cartoon-Comics Inc., an after-school program designed to bring Mason’s passion for cartooning and storytelling to grade-school students.

I’ll keep you posted on this one! In the meantime, you can follow this feature and production company at

FRUIT FOR THOUGHT: Chicago director Eric Liberacki and producer Elliot Lonsdale are currently filming their first feature film titled SPOILED FRUIT. SPOILED FRUIT is about a girl in a boring town in the middle of nowhere living vicariously through the pictures she sees on social media. When her old college friend invites her to visit Chicago she takes off only to find out that it’s not the fun she hoped for. According to Liberacki, "SPOILED FRUIT is a blend of narrative, improv, experimental, and, most importantly, awkward." The movie stars Maureen Mizener, Lauren Marie Powell, Elizabeth Renwick, and Elizabeth Stenholt.

WHO’S BRINGING SNACKS? The indie feature THERE WILL BE SNACKS recently wrapped filming on the West side of Chicago and is currently headed into post-production. SNACKS is a single camera, single location, improvised drama following a group of friends over the course of one evening that becomes a turning point for all of them. The concept/characters were created by Carly Olson, Rebecca Buller, Jim Kozyra, and Kelly O'Sullivan, with additional input from Bob Kruse, Jim Farrugio, and Matt Holzfeind. The cast includes Carly Olson, Rebecca Buller, Jim Kozyra, Kelly O'Sullivan, Brad Smith, Brett Schneider, and Josh Radde. This is the first feature of this collaborative team, they are working with Angel Tonight Productions, whose pilot THE JAMZ was selected to 2014 New York Television Festival, currently underway. I’ll keep you posted on SNACKS, you can also visit

HEAD TO THE ALLEY: The Chicago-made feature THE ALLEY CAT makes its World Premiere this weekend at the 50th annual Chicago International Film Festival. A road movie on a bicycle, THE ALLEY CAT takes place over a single night. Jasper competes in an alley cat - an underground bike messenger race - but leaves it to go on a spontaneous journey through Chicago's night time streets to a destination holding an emotional secret. Written and directed by Marie Ullrich, THE ALLEY CAT screens October 18, 20, 21; full schedule and tickets here.

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