FUNEMPLOYED Back in Business

FUNEMPLOYED Back in Business

The Chicago comedy series FUNEMPLOYED is back with all new episodes every Monday on YouTube and the series web site, which you can visit right here.

FUNEMPLOYED follows a group of five twenty-something artist-types with grand delusions of success as they barely navigate life in the real world. In 2012, FUNEMPLOYED won the top prize at the Chicago Comedy Pilot Competition, which was judged by industry producers. They were also featured in Entertainment Weekly Online as a "web series worth watching." The show stars Ted Evans, Michael Lippert, Kate Carson-Groner, Alex Harris, and Dan Hale and directed by Lippert, Evans, Brigg Bloomquist, David Schmudde, and Brett Sechrist.

In this third and final season, all characters are coming into their own, or at least trying to. The primary protagonist Ted, a hopeful actor, has been cast in a Forrest Gump-themed musical as the feather- you know, the feather that drifts in and out of the bench scenes in the movie ... What's more, his best friend's girlfriend and longtime "frenemy," Amy, has been cast as the lead female... (insert Forrest Gump voice here) Jennyyy. To top it off, the show is being run by an eccentric, sex-obsessed director who goes only by the name Dex and seems to have quite the penchant for Amy's shoulders; Meanwhile, Ted's three roommates are also keeping busy: Jay, Amy's boyfriend, makes a new lady friend when Amy becomes consumed with rehearsals and work; Lockwood begins training himself to be a vigilante crime fighter; and the always-high, always lying Bill finds a rather "large" fib to get into his crush's pants.

The team plunged into this third season with their most ambitious storyline, largest cast, and most robust camera and production crew. The FUNEMPLOYED gang pulled from every source they knew, from the good folks at Cutters to indie filmmakers and local creatives, to get this thing made.

Lippert and his team plan to send off the show in style later this spring with a screening of the entire season (which was written as one feature length story), including the final three episodes. I'll keep you posted!

In the meantime... stop by our Trailer Park to check out the Season Three trailer then click here to enjoy season three of FUNEMPLOYED!

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