Ziegelman’s ‘Boom Boom’ Explodes onto the Festival Circuit

Ziegelman’s ‘Boom Boom’ Explodes onto the Festival Circuit

Chicago filmmaker and Screen Magazine “Reel Lives” Alum Larry Ziegelman have exploded onto the festival circuit with one of their most recent short film projects, “Boom Boom”.

A dark comedy, “Boom Boom” has been running the festival circuit since its world premiere in March at the Beverly Hills Shorts Film Festival. Since then it has screened at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, The Bronx International Film Festival, the New York City International Film Festival, and The Short Toronto Indie Film Festival just to name a select few. So far, the short has been accepted into a dozen film festivals and has won a best editing award from the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.

"Boom Boom", is the first collaboration between Chicago filmmaker Larry Ziegelman and his twin brother, LA visual artist Terry Ziegelman.

During their childhood, Larry and Terry used to work on art projects together, but this is the first time they put their individual talents towards a short film. Terry is an accomplished painter and lighting technical director on 3D animated features such as “Ice Age 2”, “Robots”, and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. Larry is an award-winning, freelance associate creative director in advertising and an avid filmmaker. Larry came up with the idea for "Boom Boom" years ago but decided to start brainstorming on it with his brother on a family trip at Disney World.

"There's nothing like 'It's A Small World' ride to bring out the dark-side of your personality," Terry says.

"It's a super, dark, twisted and politically incorrect comedy" say the brothers. "We're so excited that so many festivals were open to it's type of humor." Not wanting to give away too much, the story is about two old friends bumping into each other over a cup of coffee and getting into a heated discussion about life and death. Well, mostly death.

"Boom Boom" will be screening at the SoCal Film Festival at the end of September, the Friar's Club Comedy Film Festival in October and at the St. Louis International Film Festival in November.