More Thoughts on the Illinois Incentive

More Thoughts on the Illinois Incentive

These thoughts came in Friday from Mark Hogan, business manager for IATSE 476 and president of the Illinois Production Alliance (IPA).

Thanks for the article regarding the Illinois tax incentive.

Mr. Steele may be right about our incentive on a few points, mainly that it is not the most generous and it is a tax credit. Our incentive also does not cover any workers that come in from out of town including above and below the line.

The Illinois incentive is the most fiscally responsible tax incentive out there and is geared to put residents of Illinois to work and to give Illinois businesses a shot at making some of the production money spent.

After analysis of the issues with Wisconsin losing their incentive and now maybe Michigan and possibly Pennsylvania and the scaling back of New Mexico, I think Illinois WILL be the last one standing because our incentive is fiscally responsible according to most studies.